Our Flat Roof Solutions

Mate Roofing offers a wide range of flat roofs solutions. We take pride in offering the highest quality of workmanship across Belvedere, SOuth East London and surrounding areas.

We provide a number of unique design options and materials for you to choose from. We combine this with the latest knowledge of all relevant building codes and specifications and always adhere to current CRC regulations This ensures a quality solution.

At Mate Roofing, we are specialists in all types of roofs especially in the installation of the perfect flat roof made of any of the following high quality roofing materials:

We will take into account important factors such as drainage, waterproofing adjacent walls (where required) and necessary slopes.

Our flat roof solutions will always be installed to stand up to the most demanding weather conditions and built to last.

Our flat roofs is available for homeowners in Belvedere, South East London and surrounding areas. With over 9 years in the roofing industry, our flat roofs are aesthetically pleasing, built to last and come with an insurance backed guarantee.

Our experienced team can design, supply and install the perfect flat roof in whichever material you choose. We are always happy to provide expert advice and weigh up pros and cons of different materials for your project.

We will provide on-going support on all our installations and are always just a phone call away.

No job is too small, we install various sized flat roofs for:

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We always provide a no hassle, no stress quick quote for all projects. We can look at your budget and provide possible options and choices. We will always try our best to match as closely to your budget. So don’t delay, call our expert team who are ready, waiting and happy to advice.

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